You can swim but you can't hide.

Cotton Cordell Fishing Lures for Superb Walleye and Bass Fishing

It's now more than half a century since the first Cotton Cordell fishing lure caught a striped bass in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and any fish can tell you that the reason is still the same: You can swim, but you can't hide from the magical allure of a Cotton Cordell fishing plug.

Cotton Cordell fishing lures were originally designed to help fishing guides satisfy their clients on heavily fished waters. It was essential to come up with something new, something easy to fish, something that really worked when all else failed. That’s the legacy behind these exceptionally successful fishing lures, and that's still the way we think at Cotton Cordell.

The greatest difference is that today we utilize the best technologies and materials to help us make our fishing products even more realistic, more durable, and more productive. We still work closely with lake and river guides and professional bass and walleye anglers and we thoroughly test our new ideas to make sure they perform up to our brand promise. It's not easy to make it into the Cotton Cordell line ofchampionship lures, so you know new tackle products from Cotton Cordell have bright futures.