Jointed Red Fin

Jointed Red Fin

The Cotton Cordell Red-Fin is a legendary lure for a variety of gamefish, from bass and walleye in freshwater to specks and redfish on the coasts. The Jointed Red-Fin is one of the most exciting lures for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass when waked in slow-motion on top – the strikes are violent and always shocking. The Jointed Red-Fin dives to 3 feet, and catches all types of gamefish in shallow water or when they’re positioned to strike shallow-running lures. Top-quality components and tough construction make the Jointed Red-Fin a fishing partner for years to come.

Species: Bass, Striper

Length Count Cranking Depth  Hooks 
 5 in  1  0 – 3 Feet  #2

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