Ripplin Red Fin

Ripplin Red

The Cotton Cordell Red Fin is a legendary lure for a variety of gamefish, from bass and walleye in freshwater to specks and redfish on the coasts. The wavy sides of the Ripplin’ Red Fin create an appearance of constant motion, even when the lure is sitting still. Diving to 3 feet, the Ripplin’ Red-Fin is the bait-of-choice for shallow water stripers, walleyes and all types of bass. When retrieved at a constant speed the Ripplin’ Red-Fin swims with a wide wobble. When twitched, the bait darts erratically to the side, and when waked on top it produces a “V” wake topwater fish can’t resist.

Species: walleye, bass

Length Count Cranking Depth  Hooks
4 1/2 in  1  0 – 3 Feet  # 4

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