Suspending Wally Diver

Suspending Wally diver

Cotton Cordell’s most popular walleye lure, the Wally Diver has been catching big ‘eyes for long enough to have earned the title of “Legendary.” Few anglers hit the water without one. The Suspending Wally Diver is unique in that it reaches depths of 20 feet when trolled and teases fish by sitting motionless on the pause. A wide variety of color patterns have proven themselves on the Great Lakes and small waters alike. Durable Cordell construction and top quality components make the Suspending Wally Diver a top walleye producer that stands the test of time.

Species: Walleye, Bass

Length Count Cranking Depth  Trolling Depth   Hooks
 3 1/8 in  1  0 – 6 Feet  16 – 20 Feet  # 4

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