Wally Stinger

Wally Stinger

Cotton Cordell’s Wally Stingers are the original Wally Diver’s bigger, badder step brothers. When walleyes are on a bigger bite, the Wally Stinger puts them in the livewell. When trolled, the 3 1/2-inch Stinger dives to 21 feet and the 4 3/4-inch version goes to 28 feet. Colors include classic Wally Diver patterns combined with hot new designs.

  •  • Perfectly designed for targeting walleye
  •  • Two unique sizes and trolling depths
  •  • Equally effective trolled or cast
Model No. Size (in.) Weight (oz.) Hook Sz. Cranking Depth Trolling Depth
CDS5 3.5-in. 1/4-oz. #6 Treb. 7-10 ft. 18-21 ft.
CDS7 4.75-in. 5/8-oz. #4 Treb. 12-15 ft. 25-28 ft.

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